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Changes to Liberal Tax Proposals

As you are probably aware, on October 16 and 18 of 2017, the Liberal Government (“the Liberals”) bowed to the pressure exerted on them by small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. As a result, they have “stepped back” from some of the four major changes in tax policy they had […]

Liberal Government Tax Proposal Changes

As many of you are aware, the Liberal Government has bowed under the pressure from entrepreneurs and professionals to reduce the nature and extent of their attack on small/medium sized businesses and professionals.   Of significant note is their statement that they will back down on their plan to eliminate […]

Take Action – Liberal Government Tax Proposals

For those of you that would like to take action against the Liberal Government’s Tax Proposals. The deadline is October 2, 2017. Below are links to petitions and letters that others have written to Government: Horizon response letters: Letter from Horizon CPAs regarding tax planning using private corporations: Click to […]