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Take Action – Liberal Government Tax Proposals

For those of you that would like to take action against the Liberal Government’s Tax Proposals. The deadline is October 2, 2017. Below are links to petitions and letters that others have written to Government: Horizon response letters: Letter from Horizon CPAs regarding tax planning using private corporations: Click to […]

CRA Online Mail – Personal Taxes

CRA is now “pushing” this online mail service and it carries both costs and benefits.  The benefits:  paperless communication to you, paperless storage, faster delivery than paper and less reliance on Canada Post.  The costs:  increased risk of confusion resulting in potential for identity theft or fraud, requires a two-step […]

Liberal Government Tax Proposals – Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Summary – The Facts Income splitting as we currently know it, using dividends, is dead.  There will be no income splitting with any family members unless they provide services to the business or in a few other very exceptional circumstances.  If they provide services to the business, the amount that […]